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Classic Review: Change 1981


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  • Casinmmzira

    Double strollers are a great option for parents with two kids, especially convertible models that hold children of different sizes and ages. But Consumer Reports says a double stroller, Graco’s Ready2Grow Classic Connect LX, could pose a safety risk.

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    First we had an older Graco DuoGlider that I found at a garage sale for $25 when I was expecting Julia. It served its purpose and saw plenty of use, but I grew to hate it. It was kind of a beast to push - it felt long and hard to steer. Also, the worst problem was that whenever a child wanted to get in or out, I had to yank with all my might to get the snack tray off, and then kick it to get it to snap back into place. To get a child into the back I would lift them up and then kind of slip their legs under the tray, but that wasn’t easy either. I did use this stroller up until I was pregnant with our fifth and decided that it was worth finding something better.

    Depending upon the age of the kids, the best double stroller can be chosen. For ex. There is one kid who cannot stand, in that case sit and stand best double stroller can be chosen so that it can cater to the needs of both. The ultimate objective to manage the kids in the perfect manner. At the same time the comfort of the parent should also be given due importance. Here it becomes very important that buyer selects the double stroller with the best features available.
    baby trend sit n stand double
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